Water Damage

Who hasn’t seen the aftermath of a burst pipe, or water seeping into their basement, or just a leaky pipe waiting to be fixed?

Water Damage can be devastating.

Because water damage is such a common problem, it can be difficult to know which solution is best for you. It can be tempting to try and handle water damage on your own—but there are good reasons to involve a professional. When water comes into contact with a porous surface, that surface absorbs the water and can be very difficult to dry back out without assistance. Just opening the windows and turning on a fan is not going to cut it. Some people read ‘porous surface’ and think that the term only applies to soft or visibly absorbent materials such as fabric, carpeting, and upholstery, but it can also apply to surfaces made of wood, laminates, and even certain types of stone. These apparently ‘waterproof’ surfaces can be anything but, and once the water has saturated them, they can provide a ready home for mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria. When you call the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., you’re getting more than just a handyman with a steam cleaner—you’re getting cumulative decades of experience handling all manner of property-damaging disasters, extensive education and training in water damage restoration techniques, and some of the friendliest service technicians in your area.

Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. handles both commercial and residential water damage restoration, which means that there is no job too big, or too small, for us to handle. We have the necessary equipment to locate, contain, and remediate water saturation in your home or business. Once we’re on the job, we will be with you every step of the way as you face the challenges of recovering from the water damage affecting your property. The professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. are IICRC certified, which is good news for the insurance companies. We will provide you with everything you need to ensure that the process of restoration goes smoothly, and more importantly—quickly! You see, when water damage occurs on your property, that moment begins a chain of events that determines the restoration of your property, whether it will be lengthy or quick, simple or endlessly complicated. The faster you call in the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., the better off you’ll be. We know what to do in any situation involving water damage, and we have the tools and experience to begin mitigating the impact of saturation right away. Call or email Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. today for a free estimate.

One of the main concerns when dealing with an incident involving water damage is the growth of mold and bacteria that can occur in environments where the humidity reaches 45% for an extended period of time. Mold can take over an environment in as little as 48 hours, filling the air with spores and a distinctly unpleasant musty odor. That smell, and those spores can cling to skin, hair, clothing and shoes, hitching a ride into areas that were previously unaffected, as well as leaving you with a difficult-to-remove odor of mold. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., we also offer mold removal services—just in case the water damage is progressive or has gone undiscovered too long. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they’re dealing with water damage in a difficult to see location until mold starts speckling the walls. Once the mold has become visible it’s already too late because it is likely that the places you can’t see are ten times worse. Our service technicians are IICRC certified in all the latest mold removal techniques. We can locate and eradicate the mold in your home or office no matter where it’s hiding. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home or office, call Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. today.

Safety is also a huge concern when water damage is involved, especially when the water is coming in from outside, or from a source that is known to be contaminated. Outside water, whether it is coming in from a nearby lake or stream, or an overflowing drainage pipe, must be considered extremely dangerous due to the possible contaminants it can pick up on its way into your property. Flood water can contain substances like antifreeze and heavy metals and infectious bacteria like E. coli or salmonella. Flooding can also be caused by the disruption of water purification facilities and sewage disposal systems. The bottom line is that flood water can cause serious outbreaks and must be handled carefully, which is why it’s important to call in the professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. any time your property has been infiltrated by water from an unknown source. In addition, there can be an electrical or fire hazard involved in flooded areas, due to downed power lines or home appliances. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we know how to handle potential hazards safely and effectively.

At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we are experienced in dealing with many different types of property damage, including fire, smoke, water, sewage, and mold. We can handle these issues separately or all together, on any property—commercial or residential. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we structure each restoration plan individually, which means that you will always get the individualized attention and care you deserve. No two jobs are exactly alike, but there is one company that can handle any type of damage, in any combination, and that’s Sky Disaster Restoration Inc.. Don’t believe us? Contact us today, and find out. We are so confident in our restoration services that we offer a free no obligations estimate to every potential customer.

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“Our office flooded and we were terrified of productivity grinding to a halt. Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. came in on a moment’s notice, walked us through their process, answered our questions and got to work. We were up and running again in no time, with minimal damage, considering the gravity of the situation. Thanks again for the quality service!”

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