Sewage Cleanup

 In the restoration industry, water that is classified as grossly unsanitary and presenting a possible health hazard is called “Category 3,” but most people know it as “black water”. 

Sewage waste water can be hazardous.

The removal of the contaminated water, as well as the restoration that follows, must be safely and professionally handled. In some cases, specialized equipment is necessary to avoid what can end up being a serious health risk. If your home or business has been infiltrated by water from an unknown source, contact the professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. as quickly as possible.

The sewage cleanup team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. have the IICRC certification, experience, and technology necessary to deal with your sewage problem quickly, safely, and professionally. We will arrive quickly on the scene and do an immediate safety assessment while taking necessary steps to contain the affected area. Every job is different and presents different challenges to the cleanup efforts, but the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. have been in the industry long enough to formulate a unique plan of action while we remove the sewage and contaminants from the area. Once this is done, and unsalvageable materials have been removed, we will use our equipment to remove all the excess moisture from the scene, ensuring that the high humidity doesn’t encourage mold and bacteria growth. Then, we’ll make sure that your property is cleaned, sanitized and deodorized, and a complete restoration achieved. The professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. won’t declare a job finished until you are 100% satisfied that your home or business has been effectively restored to its pre-loss state.

When water enters your property from an unknown source, there is a high potential for it to have been contaminated by substances like antifreeze and heavy metals from nearby roadways, as well as infectious bacteria like E. coli or salmonella. It is also possible that the flooding may be caused by the disruption of water purification facilities and sewage disposal systems. In addition, there can be an electrical or fire hazard involved in flooded areas, due to downed power lines or home appliances. The bottom line is that flood water can cause serious outbreaks and must be handled carefully. Do not attempt to remediate the situation yourself, as Category 3 water can carry disease-causing bacteria, along with many other unpleasant substances. Instead, let Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. handle it. The restoration service professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. have combined decades of experience in the industry and in your area. We handle both commercial and residential properties, and offer 24-hour emergency service. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we know how to handle potential hazards safely and effectively.

Another concern any time that there has been water damage to your property is mold infiltration. Mold propagates by releasing tiny, microscopic spores into the air. These spores can travel great distances, hitching rides on hair, skin, clothing, shoes, or just riding the air itself. These spores are, harmless in small doses, and we are exposed to them all the time without issue. Once mold has gained a foothold in your home or business, however, it becomes an entirely different problem. Mold feeds on biological compounds, and when your carpeting, fabric, and upholstery have been saturated by sewage and other organic waste, it provides a perfect breeding ground for mold colonies. Mold can take hold on and in any porous surface, and that doesn’t just mean your carpet fibers. Many surfaces are considered porous, from wood and laminates commonly found in both commercial and residential structures to certain types of ceramics and even stone. If mold gets into any of these, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help. Luckily, Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. handles mold removal as well as water and sewage damage restoration. In fact, we can even take steps to prevent mold from becoming a widespread problem if it is caught early enough. If you’ve found, or suspect the presence of, mold on your property, call the experts at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. right away.

Another reason to leave any situation involving sewage or otherwise contaminated the water to the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. is that over the counter cleaning solutions are often not enough. Even strong cleaners like bleach do not always destroy all of the mold spores or harmful bacteria that may be present following a flood. If the area is not properly and professionally cleaned, odors can linger and cause an extremely unpleasant reminder to anyone unlucky enough to work or dwell in the affected building. Also, the property must be dried out completely. Only a professional service team has the technology and know-how to make sure there are no lingering patches of humidity or dirty air that can re-contaminate a home or business from the inside out.

Most over the counter cleaning products can only mask odors, not destroy them at the source. That means that those unpleasant odors are certain to return, no matter how many times you scrub. Prolonged contact with the level of biological contamination that can occur when the cause of a sewage leak goes untreated can cause serious health risks. The professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. won’t cover up an unpleasant odor with a pleasant one without addressing the actual problem. We have special training, equipment and cleaning agents that are formulated to sanitize deeply into the affected surfaces. Our sewage remediation team is IICRC certified, with decades of experience in the industry, so we know that every successful restoration begins with professional help. Call or email Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., and you will experience our methods for yourself. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we only use safe, non-toxic cleaning products during our restoration process, leaving your home fresh and clean as it was before the incident, without lingering chemical odors or harmful side-effects. We take your health and safety very seriously at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., and that commitment to service is reflected in our methods when taking on a mold problem. We guarantee complete mold removal services, every time.

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