Mold Damage

Mold can damage and destabilize property by attacking the structure itself, and following a flood or fire damage mold can quickly become a problem if the moisture is not removed from the affected area.

Mold can destroy before you can smell it.

When mold has a firm grip on a building, it is often noticed because of the distinctive musty odor that an overabundance of mold spores can cause. That odor lingers on your clothes and skin and can be a real pain to get rid of. Worse, mold damage to a building can lower its property value, as well as impacting the health of those who occupy it. Mold is invasive and difficult to remove without professional help. That’s where the mold removal team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. can help. Our staff is IICRC certified in all the latest mold removal techniques. We can locate and eradicate the mold in your home or office no matter where it’s hiding. If you suspect the presence of mold in your home or office, call Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. today.

There are many ways that mold can enter an environment. Mold spores surround us every day, they are an important part of nature’s recycling system, and mostly harmless. They enter your property through doors and windows, on clothing and skin—they are carried in by pets and people alike. Mold spores are looking for a hospitable environment, and they prefer moist locations where they are unlikely to be disturbed. Any place where the humidity has risen above 45% is a possible mold hazard, and the aftermath of a flood or fire is just the opportunity they have been waiting for. Water can drip down between floorboards, seep into walls and supporting structures, and saturate insulation. Most of the time, mold forms in the places you don’t see, and by the time it spreads into a visible area, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. Basically, if you see mold, it’s already too late. You’re going to need a trained professional to help locate, assess, and eradicate the mold on your property before it gets any worse. Mold can colonize a hospitable area in as little as 48 hours after the introduction of moisture, and it can spread rapidly from the areas directly affected by flooding or fire into other areas. Before long, the entire property has been infiltrated by mold, and the spores can have devastating consequences for anyone unfortunate enough to spend time inside its walls.

Not all types of mold are harmful to humans, but some of them are. “Black mold” strains can be toxic, causing serious symptoms including breathing problems, mental impairment, and damage to internal organs. There are compounds produced by black mold that are considered neurotoxic, meaning that they can kill neurons in the brain, impairing a person’s mental ability. These toxins can also damage internal organs, and even cause death. Once a person is no longer being exposed to the toxic black mold, it is possible that most of their symptoms will abate, however, some damage, especially that done to the immune system, can be permanent. Because of the dangerous and largely invisible nature of these mold spores, it is vital to contact the professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. at the first sign of mold. We can assess the health risks of your situation, and recommend the best course of action to ensure the safety of everyone involved. A mold infestation can threaten the health of anyone, even otherwise healthy adults, and should be taken seriously, even in small quantities.

At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., our mold removal service technicians are all IICRC trained and certified, which means that they have the experience and training to solve your mold problem without fail. IICRC certification means that we have invested the time, money, and training it takes to do the job right, so that there is no doubt in your mind that our team has been held to the highest possible mold removal training standards in the industry. Mold removal involves so much more than merely removing affected materials out of your home or office, and spraying everything down with chemicals. True mold removal begins at the source of the moisture. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., we are experienced water removal experts, which means that we also have the training and tools necessary to address the initial moisture problem—preventing future mold outbreaks in your building.

Mold has a distinctive musty odor that can be difficult to remedy, even after the mold in your home or business has been located. It can be tempting to try to remove the mold yourself, using over the counter sprays or bleach. Unfortunately, some molds can withstand even direct contact with bleach, and often times the materials that have grown moldy have done so because they are porous. Porous surfaces often harbor mold deep under the surface, and without access to professional grade cleaning solutions, the residue left behind can spark a new colony within days of your initial removal attempt. Some companies that offer mold removal services will only cover up the musty mold odor with stinky chemical sprays—masking the problem, never fully eliminating it. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we know better than that. Covering an odor is not the same as eliminating it at its source, and at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we guarantee that we will never simply cover the smell of mold with another one. We use only biologically safe cleaning materials, never harsh chemicals. We take your health and safety very seriously at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., and that commitment to service is reflected in our methods when taking on a mold problem. We guarantee complete mold removal services, every time.

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