Fire Damage

Fire eats away at any consumable surface, damages those it cannot consume and spreads ash, smoke, and soot all throughout the building. 

Fire Damage can be multifacited.

Even when a blaze is contained and extinguished by firefighters, saving the rest of the property involves dousing it in water and foam, which can mingle with the ash and soot, leaving you with a serious mess that can be difficult for even experienced restoration experts to clean up. Luckily, Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. is not your usual restoration company. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. our fire and smoke damage restoration team have the tools, experience, and advanced training to guarantee you the fastest, friendliest, and most thorough restoration possible. Our emergency service team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on holidays and weekends—because disaster won’t wait, and you shouldn’t have to, either.

Our fire and smoke damage restoration teams are experienced in dealing with the aftermath of a blaze. It is important that an untrained, inexperienced person is aware of the danger of approaching the scene of a fire. Your safety and security must be a priority, which is why it’s so important to contact the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc.. We will send someone right away to assess the safety of the situation and help stabilize the scene if necessary. Once the area has been made safe, the real work begins. Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. is a full-service restoration company. That means that we’ll be there for every step of the restoration process. First, we’ll assess the situation and determine what if anything, can be salvaged. Once unsalvageable items have been hauled away and disposed of, we will work on drying and sanitizing the area. It’s important to deal with the water damage quickly, to avoid the chance of mold further complicating the restoration effort. We value customer satisfaction during every stage of the restoration process, working closely with you until your home or office has been restored back to its original pre-loss state. If your home or office has been damaged by smoke or fire, call Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. today.

Airing out the building is only the first step in the restoration process, once the scene has been stabilized. When combustion happens, the process releases volatile smoke, vapors, and soot into nearby areas, severely compromising the air quality. The smoke is carried by rising air currents caused by the heat of the flames and deposited on surfaces all throughout the building. The process occurs in waves, which can result in an uneven distribution and multi-layered buildup of acidic smoke residue. This residue, especially when mingled with water, can form a sticky, acidic layer of smut that coats and corrodes everything it comes into contact with. Without specialized equipment, this acidic residue can be very difficult to remove, and some over the counter products will only make things worse. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we use only safe, non-toxic cleaning products. Once the building has been properly and safely aired out, we will begin removing the acidic residue before it has a chance to ruin everything. That acidic residue can discolor surfaces such as plastic or even stone, not to mention tile, grout, and even metal. Because of the acidity, if the residue is not quickly removed from all fixtures and surfaces, it can etch into metal and cause permanent damage.

One of the main difficulties following a fire is that the smoke and its attendant odors have drifted throughout the building, leaving the entire place with a persistent olfactory reminder that fire damage has occurred. Smoke can drift between the walls, and into air ducts and sub-floor areas, where it deposits a layer of dirty residue that lingers long after the blaze has been extinguished. When Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. is on the scene, we will deep-clean and sanitize every affected area, as well as applying advanced deodorization techniques. Amateur restoration services will sometimes cover up the smoky odor with a fake, chemical one. Often times these “pleasant” chemical odors are just as strong as the smoke smell and fade after time. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we use odor removal techniques that attack odors at their source. Surfaces that are difficult to reach, or only slightly damaged, may be sealed to encapsulate odors and prevent the eventual recontamination of your property.

An unavoidable complication when dealing with the aftermath of a fire is water damage. Water damage is difficult to deal with because it spreads and seeps into areas that are extremely difficult to reach—as well as saturating those areas and creating a perfect environment for mold and mildew to become a problem. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we also deal with water damage restoration, as well as mold removal. Ideally, we will have access to a scene before mold has a chance to take hold, but every scene is different and there can be unknown and unforeseeable factors in any restoration project—that’s why Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. is a full-service restoration company.

When disaster strikes, it often doesn’t stick to a single category, mingling different types of damage like water, fire, smoke, mold, and even sewage in new and exciting ways. The results can seem overwhelming—but that’s where Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. comes in. We have a broad range of experience in many types of damage, and their various combinations so that you can be sure that no matter what has happened to your property, we can help you find a solution. Every situation involving property damage is unique, and our experience in dealing with multiple forms of damage and knowledge of how these things affect each other is invaluable when determining the best course of action. In other words, you can trust that the service restoration team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. knows what they’re doing. We structure each restoration plan individually, which means that you will always get the individualized attention and care you deserve. No two jobs are exactly alike, but there is one company that can handle any type of damage, in any combination, and that’s Sky Disaster Restoration Inc.. Don’t believe us? Contact us today, and find out. We are so confident in our restoration services that we offer a free no obligations estimate to every potential customer.

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