Hazardous and BioMaterial

When your home or business is threatened by hazardous materials, you need the help of a professional to clean up and decontaminate the scene. 

BioMaterial means your safety comes first.

At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. safety is our number one priority. We have the tools, training, and equipment to ensure that any scene with potential health hazards is taken care of with as little risk possible to ourselves, and everyone else involved. There are many different types of situations where your home or business can come into contact with hazardous materials, everything from sewage backups to crime scenes, but the one thing linking them all together is that any attempt to clean up or remediate the problem must be handled by professionals, or else you are risking your health and the health of those who live and/or work on your property. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc., we make sure that our hazardous materials cleanup team are all IICRC certified and thoroughly trained to the highest safety standards. If you are facing a hazardous material problem on your property, call Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. today and we’ll give you a free estimate.


Sewage Cleanup

In the restoration industry, water that is classified as grossly unsanitary and presenting a possible health hazard is called “Category 3,” but most people know it as “black water”. Possible Category 3 unsanitary water hazards include various pathogenic (disease-causing) fungi and bacteria, as well as viruses and parasites. Updated vaccinations are required to work on sewage losses. The removal of the contaminated water, as well as the restoration that follows, must be safely and professionally handled. Specialized equipment is necessary to avoid what can end up being a serious health risk. If your home or business has been infiltrated by water from an unknown source, contact the professional team at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. as quickly as possible, because the chances are good that any outside water source contains dangerous contamination by biological elements. Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. can properly remove, sanitize, and restore your structure back to its original pre-loss state, as well as thoroughly drying it out so that mold does not set in and create a bigger problem.

Pet Odors

When Spot has an accident on the carpet, it is hardly a case requiring a hazmat suit, but some situations go above and beyond what most people would consider “normal” levels of pet odor. When conditions are severe, certain health problems can arise. When pet urine gets into a carpet or soaks into a wooden floor or other porous surfaces, and then dries, it crystallizes and those dried urine crystals are even more concentrated and pungent than before. Often, once a pet has marked an area with urine, no matter how many times you scrub, that place will retain an odor that will keep him coming back to mark it again and again. Cleaning and sanitizing a place that has encountered repeated soil can require specialized deodorization techniques to solve the problem at its source. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we know how to handle tough pet odors, as well as odors that might occur due to other animals such as skunk scent. We have special techniques to clean areas of heavy soil, so if you’re facing an odor-related disaster please call the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. right away!

Crime Scene Residues

Nobody likes to think of their home or business as a potential crime scene, but bad things occasionally happen. Any time that your property houses a crime scene investigation, there will be a certain amount of cleanup involved—regardless of the crime itself. Crime scene residue can include anything from fingerprint powder to pepper spray residue—none of which has a place in your now crime-free home or business. Dealing with the crime itself, the investigation, and all of the people coming and going can create a lot of stress. Let the professionals at Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. do the cleaning up for you, so you can get on with your usual schedule faster, and put the whole business behind you.


One of the reasons that clean up after a crime or other compromising circumstances is so important is the potential health hazard presented by the presence of bodily fluids or tissue at the scene. Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. can remove hazardous biological materials, including blood and other bodily fluids, tissue, and any potentially pathogenic (disease-causing) substances that result from the incident, whether it is an accident, crime, or other trauma. At Sky Disaster Restoration Inc. we have the cleaning experience to handle any task, no matter how messy, leaving your home or business clean, sanitary and restored back to its original state.

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